Skydive Holiday organises AFF courses in Portugal, Spain and America. We run our holidays abroad due to British weather not being consistent. Therefore it is easier to complete the course in a short period of time, roughly one week. When you start skydiving the British rules are the winds can not be gusting more than 15 knots and we must be able to clearly see the floor from our exit altitude, normally 13000 feet 2.5 miles high.

When you are qualified you are not so restricted by the wind and cloud, which makes Skydiving in the UK very popular. The instructors you will do your course with are some of the most qualified instructors in Britain and always British unlike some other Skydiving schools.

In addition to AFF courses, we provide an extensive range of training packages, including formation skydiving, canopy handling, freefly, wind tunnel coaching and tandem jumps. The Accelerated Freefall courses are by far the best and quickest way to learn to Skydive and the trips are a fantastic holiday experience.

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